Completed projects

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70 Mt Albert Road

Surface water resolution for large sloping property:Aspects included:Soakpit filled with 50 metres of Gabion rock.5,000 Litre Detention Tank strapped down with concrete boxesAlteration of existing house drains

375 Great South Road

8 lot townhouse subdivision.Different aspects of the job include:powder drillingrockbreakingconcrete-lined-steel sewer pipeeight settling chambers connecting to a soakhole. A team of 3 completed this project in 12 days.

11 Elizabeth Avenue

Public drainage for 5 Lot subdivision:Aspects included:Sewer manhole over main line in berm.Twin 50 metre drills in public domain for sewer and stormwater.Roadside cesspit feeding into a 225mm concrete line.

670 Beach Road

Public drainage for 4 lot subdivisionAspects included:Sewer line from existing manhole at 16% Wingwall installed into stream to prevent scouringReconnection of existing sewer and stormwater.

307 Beach Haven

Public Drainage for 5 lot subdivision:Aspects included:Replace 150mm main wastewater line.Design modification to take 225mm PVC pipe beneath services.Shallow SW line at 0.5 %

56 Bay Street, Red Beach

Installation of property front retaining wall Aspects included:Removal of existing wall and vegetationWall design to match garden fences.Drainage provided to preserve topsoil finish.